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We are a Data Driven Marketing Agency
Enabling marketers to better engage their customers.

Digital Consulting

We are digital marketing strategists who can inject knowledge, creativity and marketing best practice into your business.


Whether its integrating with a marketing platform or developing custom solutions, our team is ready to make your marketing vision a reality.


Our team have executed thousands of email campaigns for some of the worlds most recognised brands. We have developed an executional approach to ensure that your EDM's are deployed perfectly everytime.


We work with passion and knowledge.

Our marketing programs are clear, best practice compliant and tailored to your organisation.

The email marketing channel is extremely complex. Subject lines, responsive design, spam filters, deliverability, list quality and customer attrition are just some of the factors that need to be considered before you hit the “SEND” button.

At Cinder we love to get our hands dirty, we work closely with our clients to execute their marketing strategy regardless of the technology platform they are using.

How can we help you?
Welcome Programs

Welcome programs are an integral part of your acquisition strategy. They should be customised, clear and on-path to generating expected behaviour.

Reviewing initial consumer interaction and response metrics allow us to decide whether to drive an incentive or non incentive welcome program.

Our welcome programs get an average 63% open rate


Winback Programs

The data is clear. Winback programs should be part of a greater multi-channel communications strategy focusing not only on reactivating lost customers, but ensuring that current customers are engaged and retained.

Responsive Design

20% of all email opens in 2012 occured on mobile devices. In 2013 that number has increased to 36%.

Not optimising your email messages for mobile is criminal, especially considering how easy it is. Our team can help ensure that your templates look amazing across all devices.

“…those that aren’t tracking which device their subscribers are reading their emails on, or optimizing their emails or websites for mobile devices stand to lose out. A poor user experience could mean no response, no action, or plainly put, no ROI.”

— ‘Email in Motion: How Mobile is Leading the Email Revolution’, Return Path, 2011



Getting e-mail delivered into inboxes doesn’t happen by accident — it takes planning, technical knowledge, industry relationships and an ongoing commitment on the part of marketers.


Customer Acqusition

It’s easy to waste money on the wrong channels. We provide proven strategies for understanding how you can acquire and understand more about your customers.


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